Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

My name is Wendy, and I’m an all-around nerd — including a money nerd. 

wendy coop

But I didn’t grow up with my parents teaching me about money and budgeting. I love my parents, but they could only teach me what they knew. At a certain point, it was up to me to complete my financial education.

I have made just about every possible mistake with money — even having a car repossessed. My content is here to do one thing: help you avoid the same mistakes and put you on the path to financial independence.

As a former financial teacher and current financial education instructor, I want to help you and your family thrive, not just survive. And it all starts with a budget.

Budgeting gave me and my husband a $3k raise because now we knew where our money was going and became intentional about spending it. This has allowed us to pay cash for trips, large home appliances, and start to save for future goals.

Stuff to know:


    • Certified Financial Education Instructor

    • Graduate of the United States Naval Academy and the University of Baltimore

    • Former business and computer teacher

    • From Maryland but lives in Florida

    • I am married with 3 dogs, 2 cats, and some fish my husband decided he had to have

    • Public speaker on blogging, podcasting, personal finance, and book publishing

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